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According to Stephen E. Lucas renowned author of the book entitled “ The Art of Public Speaking”, after dinner speakers have been around since civilization began in one form or another. In fact they have documented after dinner speech back to the early 19th century England.

The best after dinner speakers are fully aware that they are there with a specific goal in mind. They are practiced and polished in their delivery and will take the time to prepare a presentation that will fit the occasion. In the UK there are several very celebrated sports figures that are highly sought after as after dinner speakers. This list includes notables such as Terry O Conner, Steve Daley and Steve Kindon, along with Barrie McDermott and Robbie Glen. These are the sports heroes that bring in guests in large number and with the guests the big bucks.  There was a time in history that these speeches were done mostly to mark a special occasion or celebration but now they have become a normal part of almost any banquet, business dinner meeting or charity event. Just because they are called after dinner speakers doesn’t mean you cannot hire one for a brunch, tea or even a barbecue.

Even though some people have never witnessed an after dinner speaker in action we all have a very good idea of what they do and how they do it. This is because we see similar actions at every wedding, graduation dinner and any number of other celebrations. This used to be the venue of the after dinner speech or toast as it is sometimes called. But not today;  it has now become big business. Sports figures, noted business leaders, doctors, lawyers and everyday citizens are taking to the podium to regale us with wit and witticism.

Famous consultant physicians like Dr. Kevin Jones, are being sought out to speak at events all the time.  He speaks at many events around England and abroad. When booking an after dinner speaker you will no doubt want to get the most bang for your buck.  A word to the wise, the more famous the figurehead, the more it will cost you.

The after dinner speakers of this day and age are pulling in some fantastic salaries for a few hours’ work. You can arrange a speaker for as little as £500 or as much as £100,000. It all depends on the speaker’s level of popularity. Unless you have an inside scoop it is always best to hire from an agency. They have complete rosters of after dinner speakers in all price ranges. This is also a way to safeguard your investment. With an agency you get a few guarantees and a binding contract.

The benefits of having an after dinner speaker far outweigh the cost of hiring one. And though it started centuries ago it is no longer just a well-planned speech to honor a person but a speech designed to enlightenFeature Articles, encourage and elevate the listeners. This makes the return on the investment very high indeed.

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